Explore a range of solutions that treat & process waste water along with effluent treatment and recycling that ensures quality of water. The right treatment option will also help reduce requirement of fresh water and provide security against water shortages while minimizing waste build up ensuring compliance with discharge norms.
In an industry where nothing can be left to chance, water plays a vital role in keeping the electronics industry running in top form. In meeting the exacting requirements of this industry we offer a range of services from comprehensive O&M services to 24×7 service support and stringent quality norms that reduce the dependency on fresh water.
Water scarcity is major problem in the paper and pulp industry which used huge volumes of water in the production process. Moreover, stringent environmental discharge norms also pose a major hindrance. Catering to these needs is a range of solutions that are cost effective, innovative and reduce recycle waste water in order to achieve zero discharge.
In the fertilizer industry, water is not only part of the production process but also forms part of the product itself. Our treatment systems provide required quality of water whether for process use, drinking water, cooling water, rinse water or boiler feed.
A major component of the pharmaceutical industry, water plays a critical role especially during production of the finished products. ULE offers superior technologies and integrated solutions for high purity water generation and distribution along with valid documented support
To meet the growing need of large volumes of water in the power industry, ULE offers reliable, cost effective solutions at economical operating costs, with single point responsibility, for treatment of raw water, process water and waste water and water recycle. With us your plant will receive cutting edge water treatment solutions that will help power your production to profit and sustainability.
With an expertise in water and environmental management coupled with a thorough knowledge of the cement industries processes we are equipped to provide integrated solutions that are specific to you and that meet your requirements completely.
ULE endeavors to create a healthy environment by offering its services and solutions to municipalities, public health engineering departments, water supply and sewerage boards, and projects for public water supply and sanitation. ULE also provides point of use and decentralized community level systems for drinking water purification and sewage treatment/recycle.
With increasing water scarcity, realty sector is on a lookout for solutions that can not only conserve water but even recycle it. ULEs expertise provides for total water and environment management solutions in residential and commercial establishments for the purpose of drinking water, swimming pools or comfort cooling. Our solutions thus ensure that these complexes are always water efficient and water sufficient.
Our water and environment management solutions cover all water and utility areas, assuring required quality of water for every use drinking water, cooking, bathing, laundry, air conditioning, swimming pools and gardening.
In the chemical industry water is not just part of the production process but also constitutes a part of the product itself. With effective water treatment solutions you can ensure the requisite quality of water in the use of processes, drinking, cooling systems, rinse water or boiler feed.
Tackling the needs of the steel and metallurgy industry, ULE employs its vast experience and thorough knowledge of various manufacturing processes towards delivering uninterrupted water supply in terms of quality and quantity. After careful study of the existing water circuits of the entire integrated steel and metal production complex we offer integrated solutions, on turnkey basis, that ensure trouble free, continuous peak performance at optimal cost, with single point responsibility.
In water intensive industry such as textiles, an understanding of the complexity of its waste water treatment and disposal norms is a huge asset. Our total water and environment management solutions not only effectively solve the textile industries water and waste treatment needs, but also give them good returns on their investment. Our unique systems can generate significant savings through recycle of water and reduction of fresh water requirements, lower energy and chemical consumption and recovery of valuable by products.
Whether it is water for dialysis, sterilizer reuse and analyses, for boilers and comfort cooling or for drinking water and kitchens, ULEs range of treatment systems provide water of the right quality for the application. Some of our industry specific solutions also include Ultraviolet Disinfection, Electrodeionisation, Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Deionisation and High Purity Dialysis Water.